Hotel Safe MBG

Falcon hotel safe MBG Series is a state of the art security safe, offering a high level of protection for cash and valuables. Stylish and compact in size, the MBG features a high quality and stylish Swedish design, with an anthracite finish on the body of the safe and a stylish black lock panel. The MBG is ideal for hotels, guests room, closet, apartments and homes.

MBG Nova 2035

External : 200H x 350W X 200D (mm)
Internal : 196H x 346W x 140D (mm)
Weight : 8.2kgs

MBG Nova 2043

External : 200H x 435W X 365D (mm)
Internal : 196H x 431W x 305D (mm)
Weight : 12.5kgs

MBG Nova 5637

External : 558H x 370W X 405D (mm)
Internal : 554H x 366W x 345D (mm)
Weight : 23.5 kgs

MBG Nova Front Drawer

External : 200H x 470W X 370D (mm)
Internal : 145H x 377W x 302D (mm)
Weight : 16.4kgs