Hotel Safe Keel Aegis

Falcon Hotel Safe is made specially to fit specifically for hotel & hospitality environment. These hotel safes are made with quality stainless steel construction for extra durability. The premium quality ensures maximum security over thefts and damages. We guarantee our hotel safes will offer amazing protection over valuables stored in them with a modern appearance. This is achieved mainly using our locking mechanism which consists of 4 digit digital lock and 1 KABA President Lock (Germany). Our hotel safe series is loaded with 9 – 35 kg of weight depending on specifications and model. The series is purposely built to small sizes to accommodate limited spaces like cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes etc. The compensation for weight is inevitable. However, the series comes in a multitude of dimension, sizes and designs to cater different needs. Our hotel safe is packed with essential features for maximum protection over vaults. They resemble our sophistication in safe & lock engineering & technology, longevity and elegance.

Keel 10KL

External : 169H x 300W X 231D (mm)
Internal : 166H x 297W x 180D (mm)
Weight : 5.8 kgs
Capacity : 8.87 liters

Keel 3KL

External : 220H x 430W X 351D (mm)
Internal : 217H x 427W x 300D (mm)
Weight : 13 kgs
Capacity : 27.8 liters

Keel 6KL

External : 430H x 300W X 351D (mm)
Internal : 427H x 297W x 300D (mm)
Weight : 15.5 kgs
Capacity : 38 liters


External : 174H x 400W X 350D (mm)
Internal : 150H x 397W x 342D (mm)
Weight : 12.5 kgs
Capacity : 15.7 liters