Today, modern office requires a flexible office system that can react to the new working environment ranging from single user to multiple combinations that meets the need of individuals and groups, the new M-CAB series is the perfect solution. MCAB is a freestanding desking system with built-in office storage, perfect for both open plan and private offices.

MCAB accommodates new workplace strategies by supporting shrinking footprints while improving connections, supporting collaboration and increasing sharing. Its simple set of components offers a wide breadth of applications for both open plan and private offices, so inventory can be repurposed easily as needs change.


  • Light and open design. Makes spaces feel larger than they are.
  • Purposeful features. Whether as visible as bench desks and office storage or more hidden, such as integrated technology, each amenity makes the user feel valued.
  • Intuitive and beautiful details. Both inspiring and covetable.


  • MCAB workstation desks and low and mid-height office storage offers an open landscape where individuals can easily see and be seen.
  • Privacy is purposeful, allowing users the ability to control privacy without creating barriers.
  • MCAB office workstations encourage connecting and collaborating in order to build trust and share knowledge.

Work Desk-M-Cab Catalogue