Q-Series (407 downloads)


Director sets

Timeless in beauty, Q-series Director Set provides the elegant solution for powerful looking office. A complete range of component components combines visual superiority with outstanding durability add an air of distinction to your work environment.



Q-series Executive Tables offer a functional, task oriented work area and a stylish executive setting. Maple or Walnut woodgrain laminate finishes are easy to coordinate with today’s friendly and warm office environments.


Superior compact

Whether Q-series Superior Compact tables are applied to open floor plan or are integrated into an office room, its multi-purpose freestanding tables always supply the appropriate venue for doing great works.


Standard tables

Q-series Standard Tables suit everyone’s workstyle and meet your job needs. Its size fit well within the parameters and constraints of modern office workspace.


Conference tables

Round, Oval, Rectangular or Boat Shaped surface top. Meetings, trainings or conferences; Q-series Conference table are flexible and adaptable to any business meeting needs.