The Formation Series

The-Formation-Series (349 downloads)


The first impression is essential. This desk is great choice if you’re looking for something bold and elegant for your office, it comes standard in a beautiful Polished Chrome finish leg and look fantastic anywhere in your office.

Creating a stronger sense of belonging is unique for its selection of materials, precise craftsmanship and strong construction. Design for excellence high level management, simple and flexible, easy to set on and to move with a touch.

Formation series creates an impressive atmosphere for the executive. Distinctive detailing, including two designs, adds a strong and sophisticated feel to your space.


A slide surface panel

An easiest and most economical cables management compartment designed with a dimple sliding panel (in/out) to hide wire and network cable underneath the Side Return surface. Pair of smooth sliding component use under the surface allows those ugly cables to the hidden from view.


Underdesk Storage

Make use of the dead space under your desk to ensure manual, file and etc., area readily to hand when you need them, designed for your convenience and provide maximum kneed space.


Cable & Wire Grommet

A hinges access plate grommets with Brush Lining where cable and wires need to be hidden just below the worktop. With its square design, it comes with hinged top section, mean you won’t have any top messy wire floating around on the desktop, and minimizing the risk of scratches etc.