Innovation Series

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The innovation PC workstation for classroom computer training

An Under-Desk LCD monitor workstation provides the window for the computer based instruction while maintaining an open line of sight, which resulted between instructor and students with a clear work surface. The LCD flat screen at ergonomically correct height and angle perfect viewing.

These work stations make it easy to integrate computers into more traditional learning environments. The LCD flat screen monitor is protected by a tinted, tempered glass window to reduce glare. This computer workstation is also a writing desk. It will hold a complete computer set-up.

A complete Innovation of workstation development is depended upon both public and private sector. This innovation workstation series is the ergonomic seminar training workstation system available.


Flipup LCD PC workstation for classroom computer training

Artak Design – designed a rotating flipping panel to hide the LCD flat screen monitor under the desk top of the workstation when no in use. The pull-out shelves hold the keyboards, and the desktop has plenty of space by hiding the LCD flat screen monitor under the desk top. This desk combines the classic simplicity of w writing desk and the elegant functionality of a computer workstation into an inventive unit.

This workstation is designed for people who need a real place to work. This design is ideal for classrooms, computer labs, library and home use. This workstation keep CPU secure in the compartment with an aluminum profile secure panel at the CPU front and rear door that make network access easy with secure lock. Hidden cable wire manager channel through the base lets you organize wires and cords.


Under desk PC workstation for classroom computer training

The Under-Desk computer workstation features the LCD monitor screen activities without obstructing instructions. The learning environment requires that additional care be exercised in positioning students in relation to distance to automated the screen , the benefits of these design, it can provide a onestop solution for institutional, corporate, educational and government offices to have the finest learning environments possible.

Follow the principle of learning, ergonomics help to ensure a productive, safe and healthy classroom, experience for both instructor and students.


Semi recess PC workstation for classroom computer training

Artak design – The Innovation computer work station development is depended upon the public and private sector support, particular attentions has been given to and accommodate requests and responses from educators, agencies and public interest groups.

The Semi Recessed Computer Workstation is designed with the monitor in lower position to maximize available space and allow instructor and student better visibility. In addition, with grommet hole cut-out with wire management channel through the base to conceal all cabling and wires, creating a totally uncluttered work area.

A Semi-Recessed Computer Workstation by Artak Design feature with particle board in melamine laminated on both sides, which is resistance to lighted cigarette, scratches, heat and stain.


Carrel workstation for library / Internet Cafe

Internet is becoming more and more popular than ever before. It is so popular between children, teenagers and adults. The most important part to create a work area that is conducive to the type of work that needs to be done.

Artak Design offers its Carrel Workstation that is great for Study Halls, Libraries, or Internet Cafes. This carrel workstation allows people to utilize space in best way possible, you can choose from 3 different designs, wither for one, two or five users at your choice.

This workstation is designed with side by side carrel, this allow students for private study at their own leisure and to protect their own privacy. These carrel workstation help block out distractions and encourage focus on work.

A traditional design provides clean and uncomplicated lines which complement any library environment. Wire management is standard with this Carrel Workstation.


Artak design seating collection

The chair si the most important furniture elements in a computer-based training. Providing the physical interface between student and computer. It provides enough adjustment to fix at least 95% of height range to the body to standard workstation and these adjustement must be simple enough to perform that it does not cause distraction.


Storage cabinet

The range of storage cabinet from Artak Design solves all problems for different kinds of buildings, space