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The executive series


Arfino executive series

Arfino, with its elegant details and sophisticated style creates a prestigious office environment. With pedestal supported work surface offer a dramatic appearance that is distinctly unique.

Endow your workspace with our unique Arfino executive desk. Design with silver sandblasted anodized aluminums framed front panel, as well as both unique pedestals.

Designing a warm, comfortable work environment can be simple task, even with the challenge of making it functional, on a limited budget. Arfino collection was design to satisfy all your needs.


The solo series

An office desk that makes a statement form Artak Design. The solo series range is one of the most popular ranges, designed with its unusual shapes which look interesting – a great mix of style, quality and long lasting, suitable for any executive office.


Concept executive series

The concept executive desk is elegant with its essential style and design, can be used to create compositions with high standards of quality, image, utility and comfort. An executive system with a strong personality, its most distinctive feature is the cross-section of the frame and the considerable thickness

Elegantly suspended metal frame on charactering the design as a whole refinement. Base comes with aluminum ovals columns legs coated with epoxy, and with vertical blocks at both columns leg sides finished with PU lacquered material, and side panels in MDF polyester coated or front panel and side covered with a metal framed sheet.


Natara executive series

Endow your workspace with our unique Natara Executive Series. Designed with silver sandblasted anodized aluminums profile with PVC edging inserts, this exclusive base reveals the uniqueness of desk. The aluminum horizontal lines on the modesty panel add a touch of elegant and contemporary look to the desk.


Dozana executive series

Upgrade your office with Dozana Executive Series that offers a thick and solid desktop as well as an appealing layered front panel. This beveled-edge Executive Desk completes with Round End Connector and Side Return would certainly makes an absolute and outstanding set for your office.


Havana executive series

Uniquely styled, this contemporary curve top executive desk is sure to please. The modesty front is designed in curve shape and thick desktop with layered edge, providing strength and durability. The side return consisted of a drawer pedestal fits to the end and two sliding doors. This is perfect selection for any offices.


Ca’deon executive series

Artak Design, the market leader in office furniture. Creating a stronger sense of belonging is unique for its selection of materials, precise craftsmanship and strong construction. Designed for excellence high level management, where different appearance settings can be formed.


Rossini executive series

The clear-cut design of Rossini transmits simple strength. Essential lines for solid space, a personal and prestigious environment. The entire collection is made from MDF (medium density fiberboard) with polyester finish. A design feature forging the elegance of the desk and underscoring the pure lines.

A desk is the key element of the executive space, and a design standing out for the lightness to create offices with no-compromise personality. The executive desk environment Natural Mahogany finished from the Rossini Collection offers beauty style, and function to any office décor, expressing an elegant design.


Legend II executive series

Legend II, the new suite of executive office furniture from Artak design offers an elegant, contemporary design in the warmth and luxury of Antique Oak polyester lamination.

Legend II, displays the best traditions of craftsmanship and all components are made to exacting standards. Concern for the environment is exhibited at every stage of productions.


Delux II Executive series

For offices based on the modular furnishing concept. Delux II series is the perfect choice. Thaat’s because every furniture item in the series is carefully designed to function independently as well as combined with other units as to from a larger and complete workplace.


Rodano executive series

This contemporary unparalledled shaped unit from RODANO has several nice features for the computer users. RODANO Executive Series prides in giving meticulous research to details. Even the keyboard is designed to be modular to suit your working habit.


De’primo executive series

Artak design brings a new dimension of innovation for today’s Executive. Designed for unparalleled flexibility, functionality and elegance, the DE’PRIMO Executive spells high performance in every way.

The DE’PRIMO Executive workstation features an unique shield shaped computer workstation fixed with round moulded metal leg, designed with easy adjustment foot for height adjusting to correct any unevenness of the floor. Complete with storage cabinet, mobile pedestal and CPU trolley with nylon castor for better freedom of movement.


The knight executive series

Knight Executive Desk with Side Return Cabinet

A design with its own identity, mounted on horizontal posts of differing lengths with a series of The Knight Executive in different style and sizes.

FlipUp gives you technology at your fingertips without compromising style. Designed to accommodate a flat LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse, this FlipUp top is a perfect addition accessories to The Knight Desk. The FlipUp gives more working area, just push the keyboard in and the FlipUp LCD display totally out of the way.


Laxus executive series

The executive office range LAXUS is characterized by the essentiality of its shapes and the wide possibility of choice, the result of ergonomic studies and research into optimization of space. It is characterized by a simple well-balance design.


Demaco executive series

Elegance and comfort for busy executives of today.

The Demaco Executive Series is a culmination of the aesthetics of art and the practicality of modern craftsmanship. A complete set of furnishing that would add a touch of class and added value to any interior. The leather clad front of the work table further adds a touch of corporate savvy to the whole set up.


Nobel executive series

The semi circular design of the Nobel Executive Series is a bold statement for the busy executive of the modern era. Its modular design is conceived to blend with any space, creating a strong statement befitting the decision makers of today.


The platinum executive series

The platinum worktop and their particular outline gives the system ergonomics and prestige. The desk top is supported with a Steel Crossbar in epoxy finished, designed to guarantee the desk top from changing shape into concavity.


President executive series

President is an office system with integrated technology support. Its quality and design simplicity are intended to appeal to professional and executive applications in traditional corporate environments. The working top and their particular outline give the system ergonomics and prestige.

The desk top are supported with a Steel Crossbar in epoxy finished, designed to guarantee the desk top from changing shape into concavity.


Crown Executive Series

The philosophy of Crown Executive Desk is the commitment to a healthy dynamic work environment. The design is interpreted in the spirit of our time and presents the modern office-system. Crown is a design that captures the strength and spirit of the modern craftsmanship. From beveled top edges to fluted base.


Conference series


Boat shape conference table

Endow your conference room with our unique Boat Shape Conference Table. Base designed and finished with curve silver sandblasted anodized aluminum profile. The exclusive base reveals the uniqueness of the Conference Table, the curve aluminium on the modesty panel adds a touch of elegant and contemporary look.

Artak design displays the best traditions of craftsmanship and all components are made to exacting standards. Concern for environment is exhibited at every stage of production. The smooth and pleasant lines make this Conference Table the perfect direction for the one who decides an wants a certain look.

The conference table absorbs the similar design to the executive desk and adds a decorative touch to your office space. Providing inspiring meeting area will bring out the best of your organization.


Natara conference table

The Natara Conferece Table is the comprehensive solution for meeting, conferencing and training. It offers multiple solutions for The Complete Meeting Room and can be sutomized to your desired size.
Limitless configuration

Interchangeable size and shape tables offer incredible versatility for team meetings or training sessions. An easy way to increase or decrease seating capacity, and to reconfigure room layouts. Combine tables for larger groups or separate for individual interviews with grommet tops for efficient cable/wire management.


Perfect conference tables for effective communications

Boat Shape Conference Table top feature with MDF board in polyester laminated. Build with 50 mm (2’’) square tubular steel legs with chrome-plated, equipped with easy adjustable leveling guides. It offers multiple solutions for the complete meeting room, this chrome plated steel leg is one of the most popular Conference Tables and truly an impressive contemporary design, that bring out the best in your organization


The executive cabinet series


Executive cabinet structural grants several different designs for executive office, elegant and particular, fresh and stylish, functionality and practicality. Enter the changing world of the office with the new concept of cabinet furnished by Artak design. We have created a novelty, simple and flexible, easy to set on and to move with a touch of design.


Cabinets system


Artak Design office cabinets solve all problems for different kinds of buildings, space of organization and blends in with the structural and architectural conditions. No matter whether the cabinets are to be connected in line on a continuous base, adjusting them is no problem. The variety of the programme gives the client and architect the necessary scope for individual organization.


Arco office system


The Arco managerial station

Arco is a group of freestanding office furniture that incorporates the emrging changes of the workplace into its view plan. The collection consists of desks, tables, side return, interchangeable open shelf cabinet, drawer pedestal, screen panel and hanging accessories. Its elements are changeable and adjustable to individual or group needs.


Different solutions by shape and function

The Arco Office System presents an innovative design, a technological idea combined with functionality expressed at top professional level.


Working with a system

Integrates modern computer hardware into the compositional scheme in a serviceable, ergonomic manner to provide great comfort and a level of safety that fully complies with current regulations.


The changer 2 office system


A new concept

The table is the basis for all possibilities of function, organization and congfiguration. The basis version of these systems is designed with corresponding flexibility.


A compact environment

Its modular and free standing design allows you to create office of your preference, saving on space and permitting interaction.


The new office environment

An attractive working environment that helps you to work more effectively, a design with its own identity, mounted on horizontal posts of differing lengths with a range of worktops in different styles and sizes.


Lexzo office system


The working tables

A new generation of office furniture that sets the standard in its field. Multi-edge with a natural feel makes it better and elegant. A characteristic and refined aesthetics on design upgrades working efficiency for users. Our innovative wave style design concept adapts to the diversified needs of today’s office.


For every office and work environment

The screen panels can be laid out in numerous different configurations, depending on your layout and needs. Layouts of screen panels adapts to every function of today’s busy office, where privacy is less of a concern.


IDEO seating collection


When it comes to ergonomic functions office chairs, nothing is more important than a comfortable and physically-supportive work chair. A chair that fits you well will make a big different in the way your body feels throughout and at the end of your workday.

IDEO seating chairs is a designed for both industrial and office settings. We demand high quality in everything we do, from materials and durability to ergonomics and design. These chairs offer a one-touch pneumatic sear height adjustment and locking tilt control with adjustable tile tension to give you the most comfortable sitting experience possible.