Changer 2 Office System

Changer-2-Office-System (1532 downloads)


A new concept

This classic management set is the true balance of aesthetics and function. It features a rich woodgrain and a streamlined beauty which creates an overall effect of refined taste. The curve shaped table which provide a discussion area for up to four persons.


Technical and rational

Elegant in its simplicity, is characterized by the essentiality of its shapes and the wide possibilities of choice, a blend of classical space for executives, selected by a leader and pioneer at this stage.


A free way screen system

A complete system that is functional and elegant, with a modular polycarbonate and aluminum finished pole structure, designed for call centre. Ergonomic and versatile and is based on the 32mm column in extruded aluminum which can be fitted with work tops and vertical screens, available in a range of particleboard and polycarbonate in various colours.


Outstanding personalities

Creating a strong statement befitting the decision maker of today, efficiently made of the complex materials with durability and enhanced design equipped with versatility for easy and free workstation layout, an intelligent office solution for the executives.


The call center

A density situation in which space is limited to handle-calls, emails, voice responses and web-based transactions. Optimized team-work with short distances between units for communication purposes.


The working tables

The skeleton of an open office systems project is represented by the vertical screen panels. The screen panels divide one workstation from another, create passageways and aisles, and provide varying amounts of privacy.


Working with a system

The screen panels can be laid out in numerous different configurations, depending on your layout and needs. Layouts of screen panels adapts every function of today’s busy office, where privacy is less of a concern.


The open office concepts

Screen panels come in several different sizes to meet the various needs of facility work and support functions. From the point of view, each of these different job functions might require variations in the sizes of individual office spaces.


For every office and work environment

The purpose of this system is to introduce the concept and methodology of an open office plan. This design is the right solution today for tomorrow’s working style, from the individual work station to the twin station and on to entire offices structured on the principle of group work or to complete open plan concepts.


The new office environment

An attractive working environment that helps you to work more effectively, a design with its own identity, mounted on horizontal posts of differing lengths with a range of worktops in different styles and sizes.


Screens & accessories

CHANGER 2 series has an adaptable screen system which enables users to create their own efficient work environment, as a space divider either with polycarbonate or with particleboard, and also as an equipment holder to hang accessories including file holder and pencil holder.

The Appliances Metal Plate used under the table top with the horizontal connecting duct make wire management more convenient, cable can be rise up directly to the equipment through each end of the table top.