Arfino Executive Series

Arfino-Executive-Series (701 downloads)


Arfino, with its elegant details and sophisticated style creates a prestigious office environment. With pedestal supported work-surfaces offer a dramatic appearance that is distinctly unique.

Whether you need a functional oriented work area or a stylish executive setting. Arfino offers the options necessary to create a perfect fit, which add an exciting look to your office décor and style as well. Contemporary woodgrain finishes have been selected to coordinate with today’s friendly and warm office environments.

Endow your workspace with our unique Arfino executive desk. Design with silver sandblasted anodized aluminums framed front panel, as well as both unique pedestals.

Designing a warm, comfortable work environment can be simple task, even with the challenge of making it functional, on a limited budget. Arfino collection was designed to satisfy all your needs.